the opposition, weekend of 9/30

Washington State: Hey, no fair showing up and playing hard.

Washington: Beat Arizona handily. Defense is on the rise, running game is on the rise. If Ellis gets back into the game, that might force them to hit the air, which — USC’s display in the secondary last week notwithstanding — doesn’t seem to work to the Huskies’ advantage.

Arizona State: Same as prior week, I think: Thank you sir may I have another? Carpenter was by all accounts in over his head, and the Sun Devils are already showing signs of choke.

Oregon State: beaten up by Cal.

Stanford: Defense kept it respectable against UCLA for a while. Injuries and the overall awfulness of the record suggest that this may be a season of epochal non-performance.

Oregon: Beat up on Arizona State. Many injuries on defense, which is not a plus for the Cal game. Wouldn’t count them out though.

Cal: Beat up on Oregon State, which is always appreciated but not exactly challenging.

Notre Dame: Kept the game against Purdue much more under control for a win. Running and defensive games still not on a par with their passing game, I suspect.

UCLA: It’s not often that you win a game 31-0 and still have player and coach in-fighting, while the fans look on in horror. Smacking Arizona around in return for last season’s mauling ought to cheer them up a bit.


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  1. Good stuff as usual. FYI, for the PAC-10 fans out there…I’ll be live-blogging both USC-UW and Cal-Oregon on sat.

    Gonna be a marathon!

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