Allez les Bleus (Ecossais!)

I got so caught up in the weekly college football mayhem that I completely forgot about the Euro 2008 qualifying games today… or rather, went from deliberately forgetting that Scotland was playing France at Hampden Park to genuinely forgetting about it.

So imagine my surprise when I found out that SCOTLAND WON! Unheard of! Astounding! They are TOP of Group B with three wins, and as pointed out in one of these articles, they need only a draw in the Ukraine to get through to the next stage be in control of their destiny through the rest of the qualifying round.

Here’s some of your triumphal coverage:

Party Time as Caldwell Nips in To Steal Glory – the Guardian

It’s Scotland with the va-va-voom – the Guardian

Revenge a Dish Best Served by Caldwell – the Telegraph

The Lion Roars – the Glasgow Sunday Herald

Hampden becomes the park de triomphe – Scotland on Sunday


5 Responses

  1. I was coming over here to congratulate you, but you are all over it. I’m sure that you are taking extra joy in the fact that Engerland were utterly inept on drawing 0-0 with mighty, mighty Macedonia at Old Trafford.

    Spain lost again – will Arargones resign/unresign for a 3rd time this year?

    Cyprus 5-2 Ireland. WTF?

    Anyhow, congrats man.

  2. A Glasgow kiss for the French, the Scots played in defence though which always annoys me as the game becomes extremely boring as a result. I have got to say the Hampden roar was most impressive…

  3. Not to piss on the parade, but I don’t think the assertion that a result in the Ukraine will ensure qualification is correct. With a 7 team group there are 12 games, and after the next round only 4 will be played; there will then be 24 possible points out there for each team, so there is no way that having 10 points at that stage will clinch qualification. They will certainly be in a great position and control their own destiny, but still have to play Italy twice, France away, Georgia twice, Ukraine at home, Lithuania at home, and the return match with the mighty might Fairy Islands.

    Either way this is the most interesting group, because if Scotland do keep it up and qualify then it means that one of the 2 powerhouses (Italy, France) will fail to qualify, not to mention Ukraine. That’s 1 of three from a WC2006 quarterfinalist and the 2 finalsists. Should be fun stuff.

  4. Kanu, thanks for the thought on congratulations, and for the correction — original post duly adjusted. I hadn’t even bothered to read about the England result because I was so stunned about Scotland… but a goal-less draw against Macedonia rarely counts as a good sign. Looks like Aragones DID try the resign / unresign schtick again.

    Jack, thanks for stopping in — really enjoyed the “you are there” pictures from Hampden on your site!

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