Two more thoughts about Oregon – Cal

I was watching the 4th quarter and they were going for it on 4th and short, and I couldn’t help but think, man that’s ruthless. But I had that feeling that I had seen it before; just couldn’t think where…

I had the rare experience of being mildly entertained by the commentary stylings of Musberger and Davies (the latter of whom I actually don’t mind at all, to be honest, because he’s somewhat able to put aside his team biases unlike certain septuagenarian employees of Disney Sports Inc.)

The first was the ongoing schtick about Nate Longshore leaving tickets for Jessica Simpson at every game, wherein Musberger and Davies speculated that if Herbstreit tried that, it would totally work, and then tried to cover up their horny old man envy by pointing out that they supposed Herbstreit would be a good boy, having a lovely wife and four sprogs, etc. Gents, please: you know, and I know, that deep down we really resent Herbstreit for not plowing through co-eds and college football widows like Sherman heading for the sea.  Just admit it.

The second was Herbstreit absolutely hacking on the PAC-10 and what a joke it is, and Davies making the point — covered on many SEC blogs — that the real speed on SEC teams is on defense, and that USC is the PAC-10 team closest to having an SEC-style defense. Great, but does that mean having stereotypical SEC scores also? Because while I appreciate a good stand-up tackle on a running back or a hope-crushing interception, I’d really rather see a points-a-palooza like Tennessee versus Georgia — because I am not a purist.


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