When will we see your like again?

Having grown up listening to the parental lament that it was easy living, lazy attitudes, and the Tories that did in the once-proud Scottish footballing tradition, I was entertained to come across this:

So what went wrong? How did Scottish football collapse so completely?
The reasons are complex and various – the shrinking and (more
importantly) ageing population, higher standard of living, greater
career opportunities, the mass import of foreign players, no investment
(notably in indoor facilities), the boring Celtic-Rangers hegemony,
falling gates, the concreting of football pitches into lucrative
developments. Most devastating was a 2004 report that showed only 3.6%
of children in Scotland played football, one of the lowest figures in
Europe. The most commonly cited reason was that it was cold, windy and
miserable outside and kids would rather be indoors with their Game
Boys. Unbelievable! The people that gave us the Scottish Kiss had
turned into wusses.

Guardian Unlimited: Sport blog: France stage struck by the Scottish play – at last

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