week of 10/7

Washington: Well, I was wrong, Washington was in it the whole way through. Well played by them. Boo to the fouls gods of injury, and what was with all those stupid penalties on SC? Argh.

Arizona State: Well, at least having a bye week meant that they didn’t get spanked. Sometimes I get nervous about games like this, where a talented but underperforming team throws caution to the wind and wins against expectations. Provided that it’s not coached by Dirk Koetter anyway.

Oregon State: Narrowly lost an SEC-style game to Wazoo. Not showing signs of being able to put points on the board consistently.

Stanford: Beat the spread, but not Notre Dame… that’s something I suppose.

Oregon: Yipes. A collapse impressive in its scope. Cal just pummelled them, even without the turnovers. Will have to show some inventiveness against UCLA’s defense, stay tough on the run, and have crowd noise and pressure to take advantage of a newbie QB.

Cal: Put a ruthless beat-down on Oregon. Barring implosion, plainly the most scary Pac-10 opponent of the season.

Notre Dame: I would have expected it to take less time to pour on points versus Stanford, but as an SC fan I’m hardly in a position to criticize.

UCLA: Revenge, sweet revenge, against Arizona, the cold thrill of which was dampened by losing Ben Olson to a truly shitty cheap shot. Will be interesting to see how much they can stuff Oregon at Autzen, and whether they can really get their inexperienced WB in a position to go after the Oregon secondary.


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