booing for booty?

A mildly interesting quote from JD Booty in today’s LA Times. Some players get petulant about being booed, some profess to ignore it, but Booty seems to be surprisingly tolerant…

Late in the third quarter, fans at the Coliseum booed after penalties backed the Trojans inside their 20-yard line and Booty overthrew receiver Dwayne Jarrett on a second-and-37 play. The rare sound, at least during the last four-plus seasons of the Pete Carroll era, was heard again after Booty completed a 12-yard pass to running back Desmond Reed. “Their expectations are high and ours are too, so if they’re not happy with it, well, at times we’re not happy with it either so they’re not alone as far as that goes,” Booty said. “But you really can’t do anything about it. If they want to boo, they’re going to boo and we just have to continue to play the game.”

I have mixed feelings about booing college players. I may have in the past, but it’s not like I could do any better, and it’s not like they get paid. Steve Sarkisian might be right when he says:

“I thought they were booing me, I didn’t think they were booing him,” Sarkisian said, laughing. “I coached for the Oakland Raiders, man. I heard a lot of boos, bro.”

…but it’s still a pretty blunt instrument.


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