better late than never: weekend of 9/14

With a bye weekend guaranteeing that my blood pressure will spike only due to the behaviour of my children this weekend, not a great deal of urgency was felt about posting the weekly update. However, I don’t post enough to be casual about recurring features, so here goes:

Arizona State: great balls of fire. I was flipping between Auburn – Florida and the Michigan D’s tackle practice, so I was following this one via the score line… I started to wonder what was going on when SC stalled at 21 and nearly wept as I saw ASU get back in it from various gifts delivered by the SC offense… good thing this was the weekend that the O-line got their run-block on, and Washington completed his mojo replenishment. Yikes.

Oregon State: Took full advantage of Washington losing Stanback. This doesn’t make you good. Sheep were nervous post-game.

Stanford: Is it really a coincidence, all these QB injuries for opponents of Arizona? With Edwards out and Ostranded injured, the cruel gods of college football have answered the question, can it get any worse for Stanford? Oh yes. Perhaps knocking down the old stadium was a mistake.

Oregon: Took away the sting of the Cal loss by beating UCLA. That must feel a bit better.

Cal: Scored fewer points against Wazoo than SC, but did take the time to hold Wazoo to scoring only 3. Convincing, and have to be considered the top team in the Pac 10.

Notre Dame: Bye week, allowing Weis to game-plan for UCLA. He took most of the week off, apparently, since it’s not like they’re going up against anything too difficult.

UCLA: Some iffy coaching calls weren’t really why they lost to Oregon. Main point of concern for this week has to be whether the UCLA D folding against Oregon was a one-off or a predictor of a long weekend against Notre Dame.

Also, from the schadenfreude files of games I watched with sack-tastic defense:

  • VA Tech: The combination of their offense-last Beamer ball and some truly annoying alumni as co-workers has really put me off this team. I almost felt sorry for their QB because he plainly has some kind of vision problem that prevents him from seeing linebackers running right at him; was it really fair to leave him to get levelled repeatedly against BC? I don’t know, I was too busy chuckling.
  • Auburn: moan moan we’re underappreciated. That comeback against Florida plainly was attributable to the dark arts or something, perhaps when Tuberville reamed them at half-time he took off his disguise and proved to be the Emperor from Star Wars; fear of fatal electrical shocks would explain the abrupt turnaround. Up to that point, I was enjoying watching Cox get levelled.
  • Penn State: this is a tricky one… it was the students near us at the 2000 kick-off “classic” at the Meadowlands that put me off this team, although Paterno’s supreme geriatric irritation with the world always has me in stitches. This was funny until the Michigan D left Morelli on the sideline missing only the chirping birds circling his head; I like sacks not injuries, which meant only short enjoyment of the Michigan D tormenting the second string QB until that poor bugger got flattened… one can only imagine what must have been going through the mind of the third string QB beyond either “Mommy!” or perhaps a few hail mary’s… not the pass variety.

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  1. […] Florida is trying to bounce back after a crushing blow to the program last week against Auburn. I do not think they will bounce back better than a rock thrown at a building; even with the bye this week. Im not so sure you can blame the officials?  […]

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