What a strange day in college football

What a strange day in college football. I was tracking various games on tickers, via my cell phone, etc., and there was some strange shit going down…

Washington / Cal: I saw that Washington went ahead early and wondered if no-one had told them that they had lost their “franchise” QB and were supposed to fold… the ending was so out of control that my brother, a Duck alum who loathes Washington, actually called to tell me to be sure to watch the no-time-left touchdown that took them to overtime.

Iowa / Michigan: you’d think someone had told them that they would be flogged for scoring, and perhaps it was the S&M backups who finally got it together for the Michigan win.

Alabama / Tennessee: I actually got heat from the missus for turning this on after the UCLA / Notre Dame game (see below), but I wanted to make sure that there wasn’t some kind of typo on the score. If Alabama had any kind of offense at all, Tennessee would be in big trouble on the bowl front. And you know how Fulmer likes to get into a a bowl…

GA Tech / Clemson: I knew that the line was Clemson to win, but I dared to dream because of my man crush on Calvin Johnson… the same Calvin Johnson who was held to effectively no achievements at all by the Clemson offense. BTW, Spiller is pretty damn impressive at speed.

UCLA / Notre Dame: I am on record in many places saying that I never root “in conference” for games like this, but I was so impressed with the way the defense held at Notre Dame that I couldn’t help but root for them. I just about wet myself, in a horror-driven loss of continence way, when UCLA had only to run down the clock and ran what looked, to the untutored eye at least, like the same running play three times. I must be wrong, though, surely no-one would do that? You could just see fate sharpening the big pointy stick with which to torment the UCLA alumni as that last ND drive got underway…


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