Booty, Maualuga, New Fullback

Mildly interesting from today’s LA Times:

Linebacker Rey Maualuga was limited because of groin strain and is day to day, according to Carroll

Perhaps Lua will be on the field as a starter on Saturday against Stanford; that would be an interesting point of comparison.

I shall also be interested to see the result of this:

The upset loss to Oregon State resonated so much with Thomas Williams, he requested a switch from linebacker to fullback.

“I’d been asked a few times before and I really wasn’t too fond about it, so I kind of shrugged it off,” said Williams, a fourth-year junior. “But I’ve been here for so long, and before this last weekend I only had two losses under my belt to two really good teams.

“I just said, ‘You know, this is a bigger picture than about myself. This is about winning games.’ “

Carroll said Williams, like the injured Ryan Powdrell, would bring a physical presence to the position and an advanced understanding because of his role as a linebacker.

“He can identify the defense, which is so much a part of being a fullback,” said Carroll, who added that Williams would play Saturday against Stanford.

Heaven knows another large alternative for rushing would be welcome, provided that he can hang onto the ball.

Booty plans to stay for senior season – Los Angeles Times


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