last weekend (10/28) and this weekend

Oregon State: Ouch. I’ve made my comments already, so no need to revisit that.

Stanford: We must disinfect this couch! Seriously, between this, persistent injuries, and an SC team looking for a scout team to knock around, could it get worse? In fact, if it did get worse, Stanford would probably have made their way around the continuum of awfulness and beat SC. So, no, it can’t mustn’t get any worse.

Oregon: If you pummel Portland State, does anyone hear it?

Cal: Bye week. Tedford claims he was busy recruiting and not watching the SC game. Ted, if you’re calling recruits to tell them to turn on the t.v., or giving them the play-by-play, you’re watching the game. And you should take advantage.

Notre Dame: Beat Navy. Why do they hate America?

UCLA: Woo-ha! Bruins keep it close against Wazzoo until the second half starts. I believe that UCLA is going to set some kind of field-goal record this year — hey, as long as you get in the record books, right?

BTW, I don’t know why I enjoy watching Fresno State get pounded, but I do. So thanks for that, Boise State, you keep it blue up there.


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