Sleeping Giant?

I’ve been reading Bruins Nation lately because it’s always interesting to see what the opposition is up to, especially now that they are taking time out from the usual anti-USC vitriol to think about who should replace Dorrell.

What I find interesting is that they think the list of coaches that should be pursued is essentially everyone who’s at a “Tier 1.5” school — like Rodriguez at WVA — on the grounds that they would want to take over a “sleeping giant.”

Leaving aside whether or not a couple of good runs in the late 90s as part of a 20 year cycle makes you a sleeping giant, the school across town certainly does have access to a large media market, and local recruiting of great depth… but it’s a team in disarray. Known head coaches who are looking to step up do a Utah to Florida move, where they think that they have the team in place already to make a solid MNC run. I just don’t see UCLA being there.

Look at SC before Garrett got lucky with the Pete Carroll hire. You could have made the facilities, players, and recruiting arguments that Bruins Nation is making about UCLA, and still no-one that was considered top-notch was willing to take the job… that’s why Garrett took a chance with a less-than-universally popular hiring decision.

Personally, if I actually had an interest in seeing UCLA get a decent coach, I’d be thinking about finding a good head coach from a Tier 2 Div 1A school and giving him a couple of years to pick up the pieces. The mistake they made with Dorrell was giving a good guy a job he couldn’t handle; the result of that is a messed up team. It’s hard to imagine one of the “golden boy” head coach candidates wanting to tidy up for a year or two before they get going.


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