Review, weekend of 11/3

Stanford: As noted previously, if Stanford didn’t have bad luck,
they’d have no luck at all. A return to competence (which should not be
undervalued!) for USC, prior to facing a more challenging team.

Oregon: Ted Bundy was a Husky. Did we mention that? Anyway, chalk
another win up for Oregon. How well they do against USC depends on a
combination of Oregon not losing their nerve, and USC not getting
suckered by the quasi-spread offense.

Cal: thumped UCLA. Fans proceed to act like they haven’t been there before.

Notre Dame: Beat NC State 45 – 26. If NC State can score 26, surely there’s hope in there somewhere for USC…

UCLA: Trip to Bay area not entirely productive. However, every game is
a learning experience, right? Getting better all the time, etc., or so
Dorrell says.


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