Oregon – USC: your hosts converse

Pity poor Thistle71, working in a place so Draconian that his computer is not just locked down for the addition of new software, but also doesn’t allow end-user management of cookies… thereby eliminating his capability to post to this blog. Or so he says.

Therefore, without further ado, via the miracle of email we bring this roundtable on the Oregon game:

that game was complete shit.

right now, i just can’t figure out who is getting out coached – belloti, crowton, or allioti (DC) or all of the above. the frankenspread that oregon runs is fantibilliastic against weaker teams, but complete shit against the real deal. our only real quality win was over oklahoma, and that was down to brilliant officiating and the sooners choking at the end.

dixon is shitty under pressure if he has to do anything but run, and his ability to run is dependent wholly on people blacking for him. injuries aside, the offensive line has been seriously lacking in that department. then the solution is bringing in leaf, who has the mobility of a felled tree.

i predicted an 7-5 season…it is all becoming frighteningly real.

the civil war is scaring me. home team has won since the late nineties. the beavers are strong at home. we can’t perform in big games. ugh.

Being a sympathetic chap, I responded:

I don’t know that it was that bad… I think where it fell apart for Oregon was that you couldn’t get the running game going for shit, and the run blocking made it harder for Dixon to scramble — which is just as well, because when he did, he was getting some serious yards. And who would have guessed that the SC secondary would get it going? I think it looked worse because the time required for the spread play to develop might actually favor the softer coverage that SC has been playing this season, and you all caught a defense that’s starting to get it together.

As for the Oregon defense, putting a freshman corner (? or was he a safety) on against Jarrett and Smith means that even Lane Kiffin is going to be able to get a mismatch now and again for some yardage, and the USC O-line did a decent job of run-blocking.

The penalties for Oregon didn’t help, that much is true.

So I don’t think it’s a question of being out-coached on defense; it’s just that SC is still pretty good at fast passes and run-blocking. On offense Oregon got stymied. I suppose that’s on Bellotti. Did you catch the blink-and-you-miss-it handshake at the end of the game?

And Thistle17 concluded thusly:

penalties always kill us.

our defense is banged up and we just suspended our only experienced corner indefinitely.

i really think our offense got out coached. first, our blocking was atrocious, which is what i think killed the running game. second, there is no excuse for getting a combined 234 passing yards and only having one TD to show for it. third, nobody broke chauncey washington’s leg. (that was where the defense really let the team down)

[Editorial note: perhaps the Oregon defense is in fact that dumb and they just thought that Moody was Washington.]

end of the day, while i appreciate the sick amount of yardage that the spread gives, i think it gets shown up against quality competition.

either way, we are guaranteed a winning season and should be getting a bowl game and a pretty good Civil War out of the season. that’s not bad.

There was also a long rant about the MLS finals over the weekend (yeah, I didn’t watch them either) which I will wait for himself to publish this evening so that they (the comments) can marinate in scorn.


2 Responses

  1. DCT- you (and your neighbor) will be pleased to know that AC Milan lost their 3rd consecutive home match in Serie A (0-2 Palermo, 3-4 Inter, 1-2 Roma).

  2. Nice one Kanu! I hadn’t noticed, having been occupied on soccer day (i.e., Sunday) with looking after the kids because the missus was sick.

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