MLS Cup and the Northern Game

I took a break from the CFL play-offs (no seriously) to view the MLS cup, which was an adequate display of futbol. Of note was the heavy Scottish influence – New England having a Scottish manager – Steve Nicol – and Houston having an Scottish born/American raised manager – Dominic Keane, Scottish assistant manager (Catholic product of the Rangers youth system) – John Spencer, and Paul Dalglish (herein referred to as “Kenny’s boy”)

It ended on penalties and throughout the duration of the game, I finally cemented my lunacy in the eyes of better half with the vitriol I aimed at the TV.

I should first explain that my opinions may be soured as I had slept in – consequently missing the Arsenal v Liverpool game, my two Saturday teams lost and, and because I LOATHE Eric Wynalda. American soccer commentators are some of the most blindly jingoistic of any breed (beaten only perhaps by the NBC Olympics crew), and Wynalda is no exception. One would think that being complete shit internationally would produce some level of humility or sense of reality to the national broadcasting perspective. One would be wrong.

Things only got worse as Bruce Arena was adding “analysis” and still bitching about the officiating at the World Cup. I think he actually knows that he is personally driving me nuts. With every utterance, every obnoxious inflection, my patience was worn more and more. The know-nothing commentary is truly what keeps me away from the MLS more than anything.

The true lowpoint in my better-half’s opinion, came when within the space of about a minute I – with strong and forceful tone peppered with colorful prose- referred to one player has a douche bag by virtue only of his being from Orange County, called Clint Dempsey a little bitch, and then loudly enquired as to how Wynalda could enunciate with Clint Dempsey and Taylor Twellman having a figurative swordfight in his mouth. Taylor Twellman indeed. I mean seriously.

Did I mention that I watched the CFL play-offs? My main man, Ricky Williams was playing. I for one think he needs to stay an Argo. Opinions welcome.


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  1. I watched about 5 minutes of the overtime but couldn’t handle the not so great play and unlistenable-as-always announcing. If it wasn’t on Univision/Telemundo then the SAP button is the way to go. The fact that I had earlier watched Arsenal-Pool and that the MLS players were very tired made for some very boring viewing. Thankfully I fell asleep on the couch soon thereafter.

  2. […] I didn’t watch the game, so I’m not really qualified to discuss at the level of my co-author, but here’s a slightly less negative assessment of the MLS cup from the other side of the pond… […]

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