We shoot to kill, and you know we always will…

Not what I was expecting to read about: Motorhead has taken on sponsorship of an English under-10 footie team, who now run onto the field to the strains of “Ace of Spades.”

No word yet about whether Lemmy is going to make them wear Wehrmacht hats for team pictures.

Ananova – Motorhead sponsor junior football team

Guardian Football Unlimited: The Fiver


3 Responses

  1. That eats awesome for lunch. Fan-fucking-tastic.

    The only god I need…

  2. An awesome story if it was a team of adults, but 10 year olds? Absolutely Epic.

    I’m sure the footie mums are all terrified that their little Nigels will grow up to play devil-rock.

  3. […] Following in the footsteps of Liberty City Warriors coach Luther Campbell, rock and roll’s moll king Lemmy Kilmeister has entered the realm of youth sports patronage: Motorhead will sponsor an under-ten youth soccer team in England. Deathless Deathful prose follows: […]

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