Stop it, wee Gordon, stop it now

I didn’t know what to do with myself when Gordon Strachan went to Celtic. I mean, anyone who gets out of his car, runs onto a bus, and gives some kids a piece of his mind because they flicked the V at his missus is all right by me, as is someone who tells reporters that their questions are stupid as part of a broader pattern of winding them up. So I was a bit worried when he went to Celtic – what if he was good?

The first season looked patchy as Celtic flailed against Artmedia Bratislava, and then they managed to win the Scottish premier league (not that challenging, but still). They flubbed enormously in a preseason friendly at DC United this year, and now they are 15 points clear in the Scottish Premier league — and it’s not yet December. (Paul LeGuen, meantime, has only mastered the shocking results part of the plan, not the winning part of the plan.

But all of this — nicely documented in
Kevin McCarra: Strachan the unsung hero | Guardian Unlimited Football is as for naught when you consider what happened yesterday:

United crash as Nakamura puts Celtic through | Match Reports | Guardian Unlimited Football

Stop it Gordon, stop it right now.


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