NCAA really on the prowl

From the “You’ve Got to Be Kidding” Dept.:

Apparently the NCAA has decided that it was okay for Ian Johnson of Boise State to help support himself by selling crocheted scarves etc., before he was famous, but now he has to stop it.

You might think, given that the guy manages to play football, get acceptable grades, own his own house, work as a plumber’s assistant, crochet, and date the head cheerleader for Boise State, they might think, “Hey, this seems like the kind of slightly eccentric guy that we could use to pretend that we really are interested in student-athletes, instead of being a famr league for the NFL.”

You would be wrong. What a bunch of idiots.

AP: Johnson Carries Boise State to Cusp of a BCS Berth

NCAA to Ian: No More Beanies


3 Responses

  1. They must have figured there had to be something illegal there. I mean, those boys in Norman were making lots, and not working near as hard!

  2. Morons!

    They obviously have nothing better to do.

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