There was a game on?

A brief review of a conversation between the devil and angel on my shoulders, circa 3 pm EST:

Devil: I think we should watch the UCLA game in 90 minutes.

Angel: Are you high? The 4 year old had a stomach bug all day yesterday; the 2 year old had no nap, and is amped up because your wife went to San Francisco yesterday!

Devil: Yeah, but the 4 year old is on the mend, and we can find something to distract the 2 year old with.

Angel: Like what?

Devil: Ummm… we could give her candy.

Angel: For 3.5 hours?

Devil: Look, thinking’s not my strong point, I’m all about the impulse buy. Let’s just watch the game! It’ll be great!

Angel: No. We’ll record the game and watch it after the kids are in bed. You’ll thank me for this afterwards, when the house isn’t a smoldering crater. Besides, think, dumbass, the kids can rat us out to the wife when she gets back tomorrow.

Fast forward to circa 8 p.m. EST:

Devil: Okay dude, you were right, overall that was a good decision.

Angel: Fuck that , I’m supposed to take the high road and be wrong when it comes to college football!

Devil: Uh-huh. Props to UCLA?

Angel: [Glumly] Yes.


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