Comedy chants

When things are getting quiet for British newspaper writers, there’s always the fall back of writing about terrace chants, or what the crowd is roaring in the background for those of you from this side of the Atlantic. It’s a reliable fall back because there’s always something new and hilarious, as you’ll find in this column from the Guardian by Nicky Campbell:

These chants, songs and quips are refreshingly unrestrained by taste or political correctness, because this isn’t humour looking over the shoulder and minding its ps and qs. It’s full-frontal, uncensored British and Irish attitude. It’s Swiftian and Wildean; it’s Python and Milligan. There is an acute sense of the ironic and a profound sense of the absurd. Spike would have been proud of this Parkhead paean to Shunsuke Nakamura: “He eats chow mein. He votes Sinn Fein.” It is utterly knowing yet beautifully faux naif as it sets up two outrageous stereotypes and renders them both completely ludicrous. It’s also pure Glasgow. The guy who heckled Bono at a gig there recently has to have been a football fan. The sainted one did say unto his flock: “Verily, every time I clap a child dies in Africa.” Back it came: “Well, stop clapping then.”

[snip] Tourettes can be a debilitating condition but you would need a sense of humour bypass not to appreciate “Tim Timminy Tim Timminy, Tim Tim Teroo, you’ve got Tim Howard and he says fuck you!” I should mention that one with all the necessary caveats of social context and institutional ignorance but I can’t be bothered. It’s funny.


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