ratting someone out

In the spirit of the holidays — which is to say, the first gathering of the clan in something like 6 years for Christmas —  I think it’s time to rat out Thistle71. What are brothers for, if not that.

Regular readers who actually care about soccer (which I think would be Kanu)  might remember that Thistle71 has not been a huge fan of Bolton. Past thoughts include:

funny how i didn’t actually mention bolton, yet you jump to their defence immediately upon the mention of irrelevant and boring teams…hmmm…

And also:

i thought bolton sucked then, and i think it now. a pox on them. a pox. i yearn for the day when they are replaced with a more righteous team. it’s only a matter of time until carlisle march their way up to the premiership.

 So imagine my surprise this weekend when, after discussing the car wreck that was USC’s offense against UCLA’s defense, Thistle71 admitted that he was was starting to fall under the sway of Ivan Campo and the gang… of football that isn’t flashy but does involve some tactical awareness of space and passing… and of must-be-good-‘cos-he’s-not-handsome, paragon of modesty Sam Allardyce.

It’s insidious, you know, and the lack of top team games on Fox Soccer these days means that we’re all at risk for falling for the siren mumblings of Bolton football.

I eagerly await my reward for this seasonal good cheer in the form of  Sugababes and Girls Aloud CDs, Ayn Rand books, and my daughters being taught to call me “Papi Gabacho.”


5 Responses

  1. That is some sad shit.

  2. He hasn’t been the same since Bergkamp retired; I think that might be the cause of this.

  3. He hasn’t been the same since Bergkamp retired

    Neither have Arsenal.

  4. sorry for the delay in responding. i have been busy reading train timetables. bolton has changed my life.

  5. Well thank goodness I got onto trainspotters.co.uk for your present. Although I would think that watching trains would have been an improvement over watching Bolton play West Ham over the weekend. Although they did succeed in indirectly getting Alan Pardew fired, which is noteworthy I suppose.

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