16 points clear?

If you needed any indication of how dire this season is, on paper, in the Scottish Premiere League, simply note that Celtic are 16 – that’s SIXTEEN – points clear at the top of the table. At this rate, Rangers’ or indeed anyone’s best chance is if Neil Lennon decides to escalate the post-game fracas with his own team-mates into popping a cap into someone’s ass.

SPL: Dunfermline 1 – 2 Celtic | Match Reports | Guardian Unlimited Football


3 Responses

  1. i’m going to disagree here. frankly, it’s no more dire than it has been since the 80’s. especially considering the tandem routine by the gruesome twosome for the past 20 years. so far this season there is a real possibility of second place being contested by aberdeen (sheep molesters) or hibs (fine club, fine fans, wrong city), heart of lithuanian, or the no fun defenders of sabbath and temperance.

    so long as a scottish team continues to do well in the champions league and second place (and in turn an ’07/’08 chamions league spot) is opened up to someone new, i think it will be the best for the league.

    by the way, take a peep at who is in second place in the 1st division…

  2. It’s the breadth of the lead in early December that makes it more dire than usual. It’s not that there hasn’t been comedy relief in the form of Hearts being used as a poor(er) man’s equivalent to Chelsea for money-laundering, but not enough to compensate for at least a slight appearance of competition.

    As for your mention of the First Division, is it Gretna?

  3. i still say a competition for 2nd, is better than the usual competition for 3rd. last time it was this good was 97-98 when hearts won the cup and were challenging for 2nd for most of the season.

    as for the 1st division, look again…it is hard to see clearly as one must avert one’s eyes from the righteousness that is currently denizen to spot numero 2, but it dwells and prospers and marches forward.

    gretna indeed…

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