Adu to Salt Lake, Beckham to LA?

It’s official: after many none-too-subtle hints about going to Europe, Freddy Adu is off to ply his trade under the bright lights in… Salt Lake City. Reports suggest that he’s going to get away from Peter Novak, and to play in the center. It will certainly be interesting to discover if, after rarely having a real place at DC United, he’s able to carry a team a lot more.

On the ickier side of life, CNN SI reported that Senora Beckham has been scouting houses in Beverly Hills, etc., prepping for a move out of Madrid upon the opening of the Madrid Stock market.


2 Responses

  1. the whole beckham thing was pre-ordained. of course they will move here.

    i have heard murmurs that the Glazers are planning on buying the Galaxy, changing their name (not the worst idea) and bringing in mr. posh as the designated player. he would be perfect for socal. limited substance wrapped in marketability.

  2. follow up:

    what’s up with the quote in the article “there is nothing more for beckham to prove at the international level…”?????

    how about proving that he can win a tournament, hold a midfield and do more than ponce about dubai in a sarong?

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