A new job for Svennis?

Apparently there are three clubs desperate enough to hire Sven-Goran Eriksson, if we are to believe the Guardian. Given a choice between Paris-St. Germaine, Marseille, and Qatar, I think I could eliminate one off the bat. Of the other two, surely PSG must get the nod for easier overall access to stylish underemployed tarts….

Eriksson close to new job | News | Guardian Unlimited Football


3 Responses

  1. DCT-

    You might eliminate one right off the bat, but I sure as shit wouldn’t say the same for Sven. I would venture a guess that the Qatar job would pay the most, and if we know one thing about Sven, it’s that he is all about the Benjamins. I would think he would be more inclined to take the Qatar job than the others, provided of course that it paid the most. Not related to anything, but I think Jay Jay Okocha is now playing in Qatar…

    Personally I’d go with Marseille. To hot in Qatar for me, and PSG has extremely racist, violent, out of control fans – the culture there is very bad at the moment.

  2. You don’t think that coaching England would have been some preparation for PSG? Joking. (Sort of.) Coaching in Qatar is a bit like playing on the PGA Senior tour, it’s downhill from there. I can’t see Erikkson’s ego standing for it. So Marseille it is then. At least the fish is good.

  3. you guys are forgetting that he coached lazio. he actually had to put lengthy into when he could be able play a black player without him getting nailed with various missiles from the home crowd.

    in fairness to PSG, it is a section of their fans. they also have a large section of left wing fans, a section of ethnic north and sub-saharan african fans. kind of just reflects how ghetto-ized the city actually is.

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