this way lies madness

I think that in sporting terms the end days may be near. I had a new and disturbing experience this evening: I was watching Monday Night Football, Theismann went on a tear about how people needed to lighten up about Chad Johnson from the Bengals on the grounds that he has a bit of character and isn’t disruptive or destructive… and I agreed with it all.

I need a stiff drink.


2 Responses

  1. well…if it weren’t for theisman, doug williams would never have been the first black quarterback to win the superbowl

    it is the no fun league after all. they have the stupidest priorities when it comes to player behavior. the main issue, i think, is that the league hates self-promotion. they want full and complete control over every player action, hence the joke of a player’s union.

    one could argue the the controversies are cynically manufactured to create “buzz,” but i don’t buy it. the league wants automatons that it can market and use to work for the united way doing whatever it is that the united way does.

    additionally, just because i got started, i think with the slow removal of nfl games from free television to pay channels, it is the slow process of eventual irrelevance to the general population – ala boxing. 20 years and it is a fetishist sport, the same path baseball has been heading (but for different reasons obviously) or i could be completely full of it.

    most likely the latter, i think.

  2. If you ever meet Joe Theisman in real life make sure to refer to him as Mr. THEEZ-man (his real name).

    Or else just call him Mr. Shitface. Whichever works for you.

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