What’s the Tamil equivalent of Victor / Victoria?

This is without doubt the oddest story in sport I’ve read in a week:

“Santhi was subjected to a gender test in Doha and we have received the report which says she failed the test,” said Manmohan Singh, chairman of the Indian Olympic Association’s Medical Commission.

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Indian athlete fails gender test

I mean, it’s one thing to rock it East German style and have women athletes pumped full of steroids etc., but failing a gender test? What precisely does one need to do to be able to pass in the first place? I’ve always known that I couldn’t compete with any sort of “professional” athlete, but even if I could have competed on the women’s team by getting various items removed, I’d have stuck to be slow and intact… Which I am sure comes as a great relief to you all.


2 Responses

  1. I saw that post on Salon; I didn’t know what to make of it on the grounds that she (the Salon writer) wasn’t very clear about what she thought the alternative would be, precisely. Not unusual for Salon.com when science comes up.

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