Froliche Festivus

Well, things have been busy lately. I had been going to comment on the madness that was Materazzi’s bicycle kick for a goal last week, then I got distracted.

In any case, Thistle71 and I are undertaking an editorial retreat amongst the California redwoods, and scheming about how to watch at least one of the Boxing Day EPL games without there being severe recriminations from the family — since we are ostensibly spending Christmas with them. I’m not used to footy being on this early, but I shall adapt.

On a more serious note, Frau DC Trojan and I lost a friend today — she had a heart attack at work during the week and never came out of the coma it left her in. She’s survived by her husband and 2 daughters under the age of five.

So, provided that it’s not something criminal or loathsome, for god’s sake remember to do something that puts a smile on the face of someone you love, and have a merry Christmas, happy Hannukah, krazy kwanzaa, froliche festivus, or whatever it is you do to chase away the midwinter madness and clear the buffers for the new year.


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