You Guys Look Good without Hawkins, but Oregon State Will Eat You Alive…

Above lies an actual quote. An actual quote by an actual asshole. An actual asshole who writes before you.

I was at Boise State’s season opener against Sacramento State and honestly found it quite enjoyable. The Smurf Turf lacked the lustre it seems to have when televised, but it was beautiful nonetheless. One most certainly can’t fault the Boise Autumn. The town itself, at least the area around Broadway and Park Center is electric. The Chili’s directly across from the stadium closes their parking lot to traffic and opens a beer tent with cheap tacos and cheap beer. It is pure and classic America in the Treasure Valley.

Their fans all very nice and surprisingly welcoming to a guy walking around their stadium with a University of Oregon shirt on.

Anyway, long story extended…

Got to talking to a guy and his wife sitting next to me. He used to play on the team, married his college sweetheart, had kids and still lives in town. They got a sitter and decided to have a nice dinner and catch the season opener. Classic Americana. We talked jobs, respective homes, and made the connection that people who have spent long periods of time in mid-sized Northwest towns seem to be able to make. Obviously though, we talked football. For every Pac-10 bias I posited, he countered with a WAC equivalent. Through out it all, he was very gracious. A trait tested in full when yours truly mentioned the quote that titles this ramble. He looked at me and then at the sun setting on the Treasure Valley, smiled and said, “Guess you could be right. You guys in the Pac 10 play some good football.”

Damn straight – I thought.

Ayway, Boise State bullied Oregon State and would more than likely have done worse to Oregon if given the chance. I couldn’t have been happier to see them come out victorious in the Fiesta Bowl. That it was against Oklahoma, a team that can be a point down against Oregon with a minute left, positioned snugly on our 27 yard line, still not be clutch enough to score and spend the rest of the season talking about how it was the officiating that lost the game…made it a little sweeter personally.

But that’s just a Pac 10 bias which shouldn’t take away from the extreme gonadcraft that was on display. Pure clutch.

Remember there is no “Z” in Boise. But there are two “S’s” in Jackass and two “S’s” in Stoops.


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