“Thong” Girl and other Rose Bowl Photos

Cross posted from Conquest Chronicles.

Last year it was a Song Girl cheering when Vince Young scored… oops. So what did we get this year from the ladies in the legendary white sweaters?

Well, one of them got a little cheeky.

We are indebted to Yost and Benny from MZone for undertaking some serious analysis; they concluded that this was a wedgie issue, more of a wardrobe malfunction than a deliberate exposure.

Turns out that there was even some Zapruder style analysis on YouTube…

Benny and Yost watched every single frame of this disgusting film — 63 times.

Incidentally, I hope that the young lady in question is taking this in stride. I did contemplate not posting this, as the only thing worse than having several million horny guys record your ass on a DVR would be having the moment immortalized on a blog — but frankly if 1) I was female, and 2) had an ass like that, I think I could live with it…

Anyway, some good football-related pictures to be found after the jump…

C.J. Gable put in the effort; credit to Sarkiffin for dropping what wasn’t working… (John W. McDonough / Sports Illustrated)

Lo-Jack’s interception (Wally Skalij / LAT)

Jarrett breaking free (Robert Gauthier / LAT)

It’s that Jarrett guy again (Keith Birmingham, LA Daily News)

Cushing forces a fumble (Keith Birmingham, LA Daily News)

Smith’s TD reception (Michael Owen Baker, LA Daily News)

A little love for Fred Davis (John W. McDonough / Sports Illustrated)


3 Responses

  1. According to several post-game interviews I’ve read, Sarkiffin wanted to dump the run earlier, but Pete said he wouldn’t let them. Only after they tried another run series at the beginning of the 3rd quarter (which went nowhere) did Pete cut ’em loose.

  2. Crazy how well Joe McKnight played in the Rose Bowl

    Only a freshman, he showed that he’s already very good, accounting for 206 all-purpose yards — 36 on three punt returns, 45 on six pass receptions and 125 in 10 carries — and prompting postgame comparisons to Reggie Bush by senior tailback Chauncey Washington and offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian.

    From a Joe Mcknight website.

    We might have another Sophomore Heisman winner next year!

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