Rangers’ Latest Scheme to Promote Scottish Football

because i am sloth-like in posting…

post relevant as of friday –

‘so rangers hire an intelligent continental manager who has questionable results in a league that favors graft over skill. they force him out because, despite keeping their team alive in european competition, he strips a lout of his captaincy. said lout is stripped because he “doesn’t like (read – can’t understand) the coach’s preferred tactics,” and has been drumming up dissent amongst fellow players in the dressing room. however, because aforementioned lout is a sash wearing orange bastard, the fans go into an uproar and the manager is fired.

rangers, having not been content with their previous attempts at killing the scottish game with foreign imports, underfunding youth academies, and buying up promising scottish talent only to table them on the bench, decide that they will poach the scotland manager.

the same day this rumor is spread, they begin paperwork to sign three young scottish internationals on the fringe of the 1st team. i call bullshit.’

i was to continue by berating the SFA for being so weak-minded and willed as to let this happen, until this morning’s news. the SFA is at least making it look like they are making a firm stance. Note, however, that walter smith will not be relieved of his duties as scotland manager, but the article is painfully silent on whether the SFA would allow him to fill a dual role. were that to happen, it would be a bigger source of anger.

so to sum up…rangers don’t like scotland enough to let their national team have time to develop and progress under a decent manager, the aforementioned manager doesn’t care enough to stay and there is still a possibility for him to fulfill a dual role. sigh.

when are rangers leaving to go play in england again???


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