Spanish Haymaker

For all those who think that soccer is a sport played by big girl’s blouses, the “fights” are often exhibit 1a, exhibit 1 being the diving. However, thanks to Sid Lowe of the Guardian, I can now bring you evidence of a decent punch up for once one punch and a slap-fight, from the Real Zaragoza – Sevilla game this weekend.

As described by Mr. Lowe:

In the final minute, Carlos Diogo trod on Luis Fabiano’s hand, sparking a bit of head-rubbing, a lot of bad-mouthing and then a proper bout of fisticuffs, full of comedy windmilling and a superb right hook from Diogo that left Fabiano sprawling across the turf like Bambi on ice. It was a “disgrace”, screamed Marca, “a street brawl from the lowest ‘hood'”. Not that it was all their fault: someone really should havetold them it was Twelfth Night, not Boxing Day.

Guardian Unlimited: Sport blog: Fans feast on a Kings’ banquet as La Liga roars back into action

Here’s the short version of the fight from YouTube:

And after the jump, a longer version set to some catchy music…



2 Responses

  1. that was seriously one of the weakest fights i have ever seen. any one of the young albertans plying their trade for my local junior hockey league team would decimate these fancy lads.

    not the clip to use if trying to assert that the association game is not just for dandies.

  2. I’ve seen the error of my ways and amended the post accordingly.

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