Shock: Beckham to La-la-land

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Well, there’s some kind of karmic symmetry to the news that David Beckham has signed with LA Galaxy to start playing in August, at the expiration of his contract with Real Madrid. I use the phrase “karmic symmetry” because of the commonalities of Tinseltown and Beckham — there’s a lot of work underneath the public edifice to get the end result, and rewards really come once someone has already peaked.

Beckham’s deal is worth rather a lot — $250 million over 5 years — although according to the Guardian, a lot of that is to come from sponsorship deals and the like:

A move to America would not have been possible under previous MLS salary cap rules, which limited teams to an overall salary of about £1m per year, but a new designated player rule, already commonly known in America as “the Beckham rule”, now allows each team to sign one player whose salary does not count towards that cap.

Even with the salary cap constraints removed, Beckham’s pay packet far outstrips what could normally be afforded by a team whose stadium holds just 27,000 spectators, and it has taken some creative thinking from American Idol creator Simon Fuller, who represents Beckham, to achieve such a huge sum. It is understood that less than a fifth of the overall figure will come from Beckham’s basic wage, with the greater part made up of a combination of sponsorship deals, merchandising sales and a participation in club profits.

I can’t find any reason to criticize anyone about this. Beckham’s qualities / limitations are well known, but he’ll help raise the profile of MLS and I’ll probably get a ticket to a DC United – Galaxy game just to see him in action. Also, as I wrote in an email to Thistle71 (his take on all of this was “WTF?”):

I only wish I could get paid like that for not being as good as I used to be. Maybe he can buy Victoria her bum back.

Jealousy isn’t pretty but it beats quoting yourself. Oh shit…

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