The floodgates open…

Well now that Beckham’s done, apparently the rest are following behind. Apparently Edgar Davids is talking to FC Dallas about coming over to play, which would be good for a (crunching tackle) laugh.

Though visibly tired from almost 24 hours of high-fiving the agents who
negotiated the sacrifice that will earn him just under $1m-per-week
over the next five years, Beckham mustered enough earnestness to again
tell hacks: “This move for me is not about the money, it’s about making
a difference in the US with the soccer.” And having seamlessly dropped
‘football’ for ‘soccer’, the ever PR-savvy evangelist continued his
sermon by adding: “Kids there are brought up with soccer to a certain
age and then they seem to go into other areas. Hopefully that’s what
I’ll be there for, to pass my experience on to them.”

Beckham’s Trail-Blazing Altruism; and Wet And Squelchy Action | News | Guardian Unlimited Football

ESPNsoccernet – England – Davids to follow Becks to the MLS?


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