Might as well get a few euros out of it…

Proving once again that even the supposed professionals in footie are prone to fits of pique, Fabio Capello has publicly declared that Beckham will not feature again for Real Madrid. Never mind the managerial own-goal of side-lining one of the few players in the squad who is respected for at least making an effort, Capello has passed up at least 2 potentially beneficial possible results by getting Beckham on the field:

  1. Proving that he, Capello, is above petty disagreements and can adapt his tactics to take advantage of Beckham, thereby proving that in fact Beckham was useless after all
  2. Appearing to be a good guy giving Beckham his last shot at something positive in Madrid while feeling free to have Beckham get knacked because the future is not Capello’s problem

It’s come to something when your argument for dropping Beckham is, in essence, that you could at least raise from funds by getting AGE to buy out his contract. I’d have thought that Real’s accountants are supposed to be thinking of the petty cash, but then that’s assuming that there are any who haven’t resigned or succumbed to madness over the last five years… The official rationale — that signing with another club gets you limited opportunities to play — seems a bit silly since Beckham’s going to another league; as noted above if I were Capello I’d give him the opportunity to get clobbered out of spite.

As for “internal club outrage” at Real Madrid, they’ve only themselves to blame for driving down market value and then thinking that a new contract might net them some transfer fees; I thought every European took it for granted that Americans have more money than sense? I’d believe

Beckham seeks early escape to LA | News | Guardian Unlimited Football

Telegraph | Sport | Beckham moves to make early exit


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