Not good enough at all…

It’s too bad, you know… Ramon Calderon, President of Real Madrid, had a right go at not just Beckham but also the Real Madrid Players in general, and even the Real fans — also known as his constituents. The following are remarks that, in the language of Yes, Minister, were frank — i.e., politically unwise:

“There is vanity, egoism and they all think they are superstars,” he
told the gathering at the Villanueva University Centre. “Real Madrid
players never pay for anything. You [students] have education and
culture and that’s something that they in general don’t possess.”

 Calderón also took a swipe at David Beckham’s decision to sign a
five-year, $250m deal with Los Angeles Galaxy last week. “He’s going to
Hollywood to be half a film star,” he said. “Our technical staff were
right not to extend his contract and that has been proved by the fact
that no other technical staff in the world wanted him except Los

fans did not escape Calderón’s ire, with the president saying that the
Real crowd were hard to please. “It’s a stadium where people go as if
they were going to the theatre. The people don’t support the team, not
like in Italy and England.

Splendid. Unfortunately this started some serious backtracking, indignant press releases, and the like. Instead of damning them all and heading out for some paella, Calderon then had a meeting to apologize to players and clear the air. Pah! What kind of example is that? Next thing you know, Capello was making nicey-nicey noises about Beckham…

Asked if Beckham could play a part as Madrid push for silverware this
season, as Henrik Larsson did at Barcelona last year having already
announced his departure, Capello replied: “You can’t rule anything out.
Every now and again you have to be a bit flexible. Beckham is a great
professional, I have always said that. He is training with desire, as
ever. The whole squad is training together and there is no problem.
Opinions can change, things can be seen in a different way. A lot
depends on the player too.

Perhaps he was in a good mood from being the one to report that Capello had been forced to listen to the uncultured boors in his employ for over an hour.

Football: Calderón criticises players and fans | Special Reports | Guardian Unlimited Football

Capello u-turn on Beckham | Special Reports | Guardian Unlimited Football


3 Responses

  1. It sure is amusing to watch the soap operas that RM & Chel$ea are becoming these days

  2. Endless entertainment — nice to see you resurface, who do these people think that they are, loading you down with work?

  3. Fuckers, all. That’s who.

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