Happy, but sad, but happy.

The man who is top of this blog’s charts for splendid names – Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink — scored a hat trick today, which is nice. But that helped put Celtic 20 points clear of the second place team in the SPL, which is bad, not least because it reminds one of what a non-competitive joke the league is. But it also means that wee Gordon Strachan, another fave rave on this blog, is making a better than average job of managing… that club.

Jan steamrollers Saints with a treble | Match Reports | Guardian Unlimited Football


One Response

  1. revenue sharing. it’s the only sane answer.

    the sfa let the gruesome twosome get away with so much in recent years because they were both angling to play in england. for a breif period it was a viable threat.

    won’t happen now, so it is time for the sfa to step up and tell them to cough it up. with that you will finally see better competition in the league.

    frankly, it would actually benefit the old firm if they were to have to try more often. they might actually achieve something in europe. potential european success might be the best argument. especially as we have recently witnessed that rangers actually hate scotland.

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