Well brung up; pass the Advil

Today’s LA Times puff piece about Trojan football was mostly regarding John David Booty’s ongoing failure to conceal that he is a decent, well-brought-up young man. This time he was noting that he was happy to see Sarkisian stay, and sorry to see Kiffin go. I am impressed that anyone in sports can answer these questions with a straight face, far less take the time to appear sincere.

Scan to the end of the article however, and feel the odd twinge of pain. At 36 I am significantly creakier than I used to be, but I’m guessing that I’m not hitting the Advil anything like these young men:

All-American offensive tackle Sam Baker recently had arthroscopic knee surgery, as did long snapper Will Collins. Defensive backs Cary Harris and Kevin Thomas had hand and shoulder surgeries, respectively…. Defensive end Lawrence Jackson (ankle), safety Kevin Ellison (knee) and running back Stafon Johnson had procedures shortly after the Rose Bowl…. Fullback Brandon Hancock said he was awarded a sixth season of eligibility but was still deciding whether his surgically repaired knee could withstand the wear and tear of another season.

Um. Ouch? And seriously Brandon, just let it go. No need to cripple yourself.

Booty glad to have Sarkisian back – Los Angeles Times


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