Umm… congratulations?

Some of you may have been following the College Football blogger awards as coordinated from Rocky Top Talk. It’s been a splendid idea overall, and hard to argue with any of the winners.

Well, maybe one.

The Pac-10 nominees covered the bases: the excellent Tightwad Hill for Cal,the prolific Building the Dam for Oregon State, Conquest Chronicles (where I often post) and Boi from Troy for USC, and Bruins Nation for UCLA.

I’ve noted elsewhere that Bruins Nation has some good content but I’ve stopped reading it. In the past, I’d posted the occasional comment (prior to November’s debacle anyway) in an effort to demonstrate that I’m not torqued up over the rivalry, and that we’re not all mass-murdering cheats and thugs.

However, with their “acting like we haven’t been there before” response to a solid Bruin win over SC at the Rose Bowl, the writers and majority of the commentors took their generally and specifically offensive comments about USC and Trojans to a point that I lost interest in expending the energy of dealing with them or reading the ravings… (I offered to buy them some discounted SC shirts as a parting gift, I feel I should mention.)


Nestor reacts to the arrival of the CFBA Van at his doorstep

So anyway, when Bruins Nation won the CFBA Best Pac-10 blog, frankly I was surprised. It’s not that I was expecting to be working on my acceptance speech – I was actually thinking that Tightwad Hill was in with the biggest shout. Perhaps people were entertained by the fever pitch of lunacy on display. Rarely does one see a large group of people with limited impulse control and no sense of perspective gathered in one place for such a sustained effort; the place functions like a light bulb for demented moths in powder blue and gold.


St Nestor the Martyr is appalled by my inability to be gracious

Actually, the net result is like the proverbial 1000 demented chimps typing — but instead of producing Shakespeare, they produce a blog. Fair play to them for winning, but I shan’t risk posting that over there. In the meantime, I shall consider Tightwad Hill to be the people’s champion, a hollow distinction but nonetheless.

In the meantime, who can guess what Nestor will decide to do next?


Bouyed by his CFBA Success, Nestor decides to move into public life


4 Responses

  1. Oh that is too funny.

    Well played sir!

  2. DC,

    Checked out your site after reading your latest response to my post over at Conquest Chronicles. Very entertaining, but I am curious re your background given your obvious knowledge of USC and the fabulous Fulmer Cup, and your apparent deep love for limey football. Me, I know a little bit about the Premier League (and I emphasize “a little bit”) from watching FSN late night, but I couldn’t tell you jack about the English national team and I was just trying to figure out what is the basis for your interest in this topic.

  3. UCLADJ89,

    Originally from Scotland; my family moved to California in the early 80s (father’s job brought us over). Went to USC as an undergrad, hence the knowledge of SC football etc. My interest in football was dormant for many years — playing footie was just part of being a kid before we moved to the US — but came back with the miracle getting of Fox Soccer Channel in ’99, and Gol tv a couple of years ago. I focus on the English Premier League but try to watch Italian and Spanish league games as time permits… Except during college football season.

    My brother and I write this site for giggles, and if we focus on the English national side / league teams a lot it’s because the Scottish national side / league games are too depressing / predictable to cope with!

    Glad you like the site, hope you come back now and then!

  4. USC via Scotland? Now that is a long way to come to hang out in South Central for a few years…:-) Wasn’t there enough crime in Scotland for you that you had to see what Watts had to offer?

    Fox is a godsend, although I still think the PAC-10 screwed up by taking the $ over the xposure available on ESPN. Still, with the Comcast package I get all the PAC-10 games, plus the English Premier League, some Italian and Argentinian league matches, and occasional friendlies like England-Spain a couple of weeks ago. And thanks for the invite to come back sometime-I will as I like your site as well as many of the the other ‘SC sites. And although I do like Bruins Nation, I thought your post was a riot.

    FWIW, Tightwad Hill is an excellent blog.

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