how do you say “asshats” in Italian?

It’s surprising that this doesn’t happen more often, really: a policeman in Sicily died, and many people were hospitalized, following violence that caused the suspension of a game between Palermo and Catania.

The game should have been stopped and both teams given a forfeit, rather than having a resumption and an eventual win for Palermo.

Fair play to the Italian Football Federation for calling off all Serie A and B games for the weekend, but shame on the scum that did this.

Police officer dies after Italian soccer fans riots – Soccer –


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  1. was actually going to post about this.

    does an automatic forfeit of one game go far enough?

    i read on the bbc that the club president has decided to leave football, so disallusioned as he become. Is it beneficial for football to lose the backing of people who have a sense of righteous indignation? or is it good to lose the backing of people who need extreme situation for such emotions to kick in? there has to have been a pattern of behavior in place prior to this killing. fans don’t just go from zero to sixty, quietly eating prawn sandwhiches one day and killing cops the next. questions of accountability need to go far and wide.

  2. Fucking embarrassing- further confirmation at what a sad joke Italian football has become, which is pretty fucking ironic considering they are currently world champions.

    All I know is this- whatever sanctions/punishment come down, the guilty parties will appeal it 4 or 5 times, and eventually get the the punishment reduced to a fraction of what it should be.

    fucking wankers, the lot of em.

  3. T71-
    “Accountability”? In Italy?

    Yer aaving a laugh…

  4. Interestingly, your MSNBC article says the policeman was killed during the match, while the Soccernet one says that there was a tear gas violent outbreak that caused a delay in the match, but that the policeman was killed after the match as violence continued into the night. Just FYI vis-a-vis the double-forefit thing…

    Someone is obviously wrong. Not sure, but I would be more likely to believe that Soccernet, a soccer specific news outlet, got the story right and that MSNBC, a mainstream US media outlet, did the lazy thing and didn’t get all of their facts sorted out, but who knows…

  5. kanu,

    in retrospect, i could only be having a laugh with a statement like that. don’t know what i was thinking.

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