Mystery Orange Snow in Siberia, Fulmer has been accounted for…

Russian scientists are investigating a mysterious orange snowfall in Siberia. The snow was yellow and orange, and described thusly:

“So far we cannot explain the snow, which is oily to the touch and has
a pronounced rotten smell,” said Omsk environmental prosecutor Anton
German, quoted by the Russian news agency Itar-Tass on Thursday.

NASA and NOAA analysts have attempted to assist with potential explanations. A source in NASA, who requested that he be referred to only as “Wells,” provided this insight:

We were sitting around and someone said it sounded like what would happen if Phil Fulmer re-entered the atmosphere after being in low-orbit. Sure we laughed, but then one of the NOAA guys ran a model on the dispersion pattern of cheetos and lard in aerosol form, and it started to look less crazy.

So we had the Homeland Security guys call over to Knoxville, and they were able to confirm that Phil was there. So we’re back to square one, but the Tennessee state cops are looking to see if any Fulmer-ites are missing, just in case…”

More updates on this story will be provided as new data becomes available.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Russia probes smelly orange snow


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