Bloody job

Work and certain family obligations have been putting a crimp on blogging over the past week. Last week, I might have posted about the oddity of watching Inter play Chievo Verona in silence, or watching Barcelona play some of the most attractive football I’ve seen in some time — but then the moment passed, and Barca were beaten by Valencia, and I failed to see any football at all in the last week.

However, in a world full of uncertainty, you can always count on Craig Bellamy to show what a worthless twat he really is:

Bellamy faces uncertain future as Liverpool reel from golf club attack | News | Guardian Unlimited Football

The dispute involving Bellamy and Riise seemingly started with a karaoke competition in the early hours of Friday morning, when Bellamy took offence at the Norwegian left-back’s refusal to sing. Increasingly irritated by the Welshman’s jibes, Riise reportedly became incandescent and, surrounded by fellow players, the pair squared up to each other, trading expletives. Although things calmed down as the group dispersed and headed for their rooms, Bellamy apparently felt he had lost face in front of his team-mates and, having armed himself with a golf club, tracked down Riise before allegedly swinging it at his legs.


A history of trouble:
February 2002: Receives a caution for hitting a woman in a nightclub
March 2003: Charged with racially aggravated harassment outside a nightclub but later acquitted
March 2004: Throws a chair at John Carver, Newcastle’s assistant manager
January 2005: Fined £80,000 by Graeme Souness for calling him a liar
April 2005: Abuses former Newcastle team-mate, Alan Shearer, by text
September 2006: Rows in tunnel with Newcastle coach Terry McDermott
November 2006: Bellamy cleared of assaulting teenage girl in a nightclub

I suppose that going after Riise with a golfclub is a small step up from smacking around teenage girls, but it’s not exactly sticking your neck out, is it? Oh, that’s probably a sore spot with Bellamy… now I can look forward to a four-iron to the shins.


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  1. He and Lee Bowyer should open a battered women’s shelter and animal rescue center.

    Talk about a daft punk – he celebrated his ‘goal’ today at Camp Nou by doing an exaggerated air golf swing. {by ‘goal’ I mean he simply headed right a Valdez, who completely fucked up and either let it over the line or left it to Kuyt to stab home}.

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