Lille shop of horreurs, Real-y awful

Lille, please. You lost, you really did. I know it sucked, and I know Gigg’s goal seemed unsporting even though it was entirely legal, but you lost. You also ran off the field like a bunch of 6 year olds, and your stadium staff and local police are a bunch of morons who apparently want to be responsible for another stadium disaster. Appealing the result again is only extending the downside for you. For pity’s sake, just stop.

Lille launch second appeal against Giggs goal | Special Reports | Guardian Unlimited Football

The only football I managed to see this weekend — aside from wandering through snow by a Bethesda MD bar in which the Charlton game was visible from the street — was the first 10 minutes of the second half of the Madrid derby. I could have watched more but Real were so crap that I was losing the will to live. I also couldn’t cope with the abject refereeing; as it turned out the ref was just warming up. I can’t outdo the always sound Sid Lowe on the subject, so follow the link if you can stomach it.

Guardian Unlimited: Sport blog: Stranger than fiction: how Atlético suffered yet more derby distress


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