Like a hot knife through butter

An unusual event this weekend: I was able to watch nearly an entire game of footie, unmolested.

Inter – Livorno: very entertaining indeed. Livorno wasn’t at all bad – they seemed to be treating free kicks as a set piece by arranging themselves for several quick passes – but they were lucky to only lose 2 – 1. Inter’s movement was phenomenal; there was one piece where they just knifed up the middle of the field, passing with speed and grace and more than one back-heel.

Not withstanding his occasional missed passes and tendency to pull up short, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was a sight to behold. He was dominating the field up front to the extent that he got a round of applause from the Livorno fans, props to them also.

Read all about it from the inestimable James Richardson in the Guardian; the YouTube links are well worth following.

Guardian Unlimited: Sport blog: Time to hail the magic of IbraCadabra


4 Responses

  1. If Livorno were butter then what does that make Valencia?

    A brick perhaps?

    I sure with Inter had gone through and AC Milan were knocked out by your countrymen, rather than the other way around…

  2. A brick indeed. I’ve heard tell that Inter have looked as hopeless in European competition as they have been dominant in Serie A. The results of the past week certainly fit that narrative.

  3. Well they do have the 2007 Scudetto Sponsored by The Asterisk to fall back on, as well as a possible domestic double if they can beat Roma in the Coppa Italia final.

    Do y’all have a dog in the fight in the Old Firm this weekend?

    3 big Derbies this weekend: Celtic-Rangers, Inter-Milan, and Barca-Real Madrid.

    If you have GolTV start finding activities for the missus and wee ones on Sunday at 10 a.m. EST (Milan derby) and 4 p.m. EST (El Super Classico). With 3 days head start you might get to see 15 or 20 minutes in total. Good luck…

  4. Old Firm: Tricky subject – that’s where years of (positive) social conditioning in the New World run up against old tribal prejudices… I suppose I’d prefer that Celtic lost, and I’ll leave the metaphorical sash hidden away.

    Milan Derby: No contest here. Forza Nerazzurri!

    Barca – RM: No contest: Madrid, cabrones, saludad al campeones!

    As for Sunday… sigh. I do have Gol TV, and I might be able to get one of those watched, on grounds of assisting with the fund-raising auction for the kids’ nursery school on Saturday night (oh, the fun never stops here…) I think I have a better chance of seeing Barca lose horribly.

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