Hurrah for the Underdogs!

I don’t ordinarily follow cricket, but I am hugely impressed at the effort that saw Bangladesh beat India and Ireland not only beat Pakistan but put them out of the cricket World Cup altogether. I’m not sure that I can think of a parallel in American sports, particularly for the Ireland game… it would be something like VCU, instead of beating an off-year Duke in the round of 64, beating the San Antonio Spurs after years of diplomatic tension between Virginia and Texas… okay the parallel doesn’t really hold, such is the added dimension of international sport, but still.

If this had happened yesterday, there would have been broken windows all over my office building as the Indians following the game over the web lost all hope. Fortunately they were all at home today, and hopefully most of them live near the ground.

It’s improbable in the extreme, and hilarious. Now if only some small fry could spank the Australians… or was that Scotland’s opportunity missed?

BBC SPORT | Cricket | World Cup photos


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