Dennis Bergkamp! Dennis Bergkamp! Dennis Bergkamp!

The Guardian Sports Blog has a weekly feature about YouTube classics; this week’s edition included a link to a longish review of classics from Dennis Bergkamp. Myself, I still like this one from the 98 World Cup game against Argentina. I lived in Holland for 6 years as a kid and I’m pretty sure I never heard any of the locals lose it this comprehensively:


5 Responses

  1. Not taking anything away from the beautiful footwork by Bergkamp, but where’s the screaming love for the midfielder that dropper that 60+ meter pass perfectly onto his right foot.

  2. That’s a fair point. The commentary runs something like “Frank De Boer passes the ball… really good to Bergkamp… Bergkamp has the ball… [shrieking of Berkamp’s name]… Frank de Boer got the ball to Dennis Bergkamp” and at that point my basic football Dutch is defeated by time (since I lived there) and hysteria.

  3. I appreciate that. I was trying to consult my “Dutch for Dummies” but he was going to damn fast.

  4. […] 19, 2007 in “the other football” It doesn’t quite rise to the level of the Dutch hysteria highlighted the other week, but the response to Lionel Messi’s goal against Getafe last night is on the right […]

  5. […] only reason that this hasn’t displaced Dennis Bergkamp’s goal against Argentina in 98 on my Dutch miracle goals list is that Bergkamp both controlled the pass and scored – but […]

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