7 – 1? For real?

Holy crap. I can’t quite believe that the team I watched over the weekend – who spent 90 minutes misfiring against Portsmouth – put Roma to the sword, figuratively speaking of course. That was a beating of monumental proportions, as noted in articles like these:

Champions League: Manchester United 7 – 1 Roma (Manchester Utd win 8-3 on agg) | Match Reports | Guardian Unlimited Football

Guardian Unlimited: Sport blog: Ronaldo plays the lead on night of European records

Seventh heaven in Theatre of Dreams | Man Utd | Premiership | Football | Sport | Telegraph

Since I didn’t see it, I can’t add anything, but I would like to give a shout-out to the Italian press for their measured response to a shelling on a scale rarely seen since the Somme:

‘An epochal beating that Italian football has never suffered at the hands of the English’ | News | Guardian Unlimited Football

“Last night was an epochal beating that Italian football has never previously suffered at the hands of the English,” says Roma fan and columnist Candido Cannavò. “Now I run to father Dante to find out what circle of Hell my beloved Roma has fallen into: maybe that of the proud and vainglorious. Conceding three goals in eight minutes could only have happened to a squad that thought it was divine.”


Corriere Della Sera’s Mario Sconcerti, on the other hand, is too stunned to even draw conclusions. “No technical explanation holds,” he says. “Roma simply arrived second to every ball and to every English move. Experienced players, of an international class like Chivu, Mexès, Panucci and De Rossi, suddenly became fragile like debutants. They didn’t understand Manchester’s trajectories, they didn’t find the ball. We are among the lauded people, we are among the best teams in the world. We are in a time of theoretical equilibrium in football. A technical savaging like this leaves one genuinely stupefied.”


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  1. That match was over 20 minutes in. It just got worse. Michael Carrick was the brightest star amongst many that night.

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