Please don’t take my hubcaps away…

Liverpool fans get a bit indignant about being accused of being a bunch of thieves, scallies, and the like. Correspondingly, they will probably attempt to blame some other fanbase for pinching goal keeper Pepe Reina’s Porsche Cayenne and other assorted high-end goodies while he was busy saving penalties to put Liverpool through to the Champions League Finals.

The police found the car, burnt out at the side of the road.

A quick resume of other Liverpool players – plus Andy Van der Meyde’s – theft woes from the BBC:

The home of [Reina’s] fellow Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek
was burgled in June 2006 while he was on holiday in Poland. His
Porsche, jewellery and football memorabilia was taken by thieves.

Daniel Agger, who scored for Liverpool on Tuesday night, had his home in Wirral burgled in September 2006.

In the same month, Reds striker Peter Crouch’s house in Alderley Edge was hit by thieves while he was on England duty.

Meanwhile, Dutchman Andy Van der Meyde – who plays for Everton – was burgled twice in 2006.

Looks like there may be some truth to the ManU terrace song:

You are a scouser
A dirty scouser
You’re only happy on Giro Day
Your mum’s out thieving
Your’s Dad’s drug dealing
Please don’t take my hubcaps away…

BBC NEWS | UK | England | Merseyside | Liverpool’s penalty hero burgled


3 Responses

  1. […] Jesus. I think I prefer my Scousers heisting hubcaps and their goalkeeper’s sports utility vehicles. […]

  2. […] 12th, 2007 · No Comments You might remember that last season, some Scouser scallies showed their approval of Pepe Reina’s goal-keeping by stealing his Porsche Cayenne and leaving it burnt out at the side of the […]

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