Firing the boss, literally

Some people get a pink slip, some people get a double tap to the head. The president of Bulgarian side Lokomotiv Plovdiv fell into the latter category over the weekend, ostensibly as a part of broader criminal activities associated with the club.

Given that his predecessor was also shot by a sniper one would imagine that there is a slight succession problem. Perhaps the company car can be offered with bullet-proof glass as an inducement.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Football boss shot dead in Sofia


5 Responses

  1. Jeez,

    these guys make the USC/ucla rivalry look tame in comparison.

  2. Yeah, the odd punch-up and once-in-a-blue-moon stabbing are nothing much when you’re dealing with teams that sketchy.

  3. Great article on this by Jonathan Wilson, who wrote an outstanding book on Eastern European football last year called “Behind The Curtain”.,,2081894,00.html

  4. Thanks for the heads-up, that was interesting.

  5. No problemo mi amigo.

    Here is that book that he wrote last year, it is an outstanding read which I highly recommend:

    They don’t sell it in the US, I ordered it from some bookseller in Canada over the interwebs, but I suspect that you know many more people than I do that travel back & forth between US & UK that you can goad into bringing you a copy.

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