Mirabile Dictu: Scotland wins in Toftir!

I was sufficiently angst ridden about the Faroe Islands – Scotland game that I couldn’t bear to contemplate the prospect of yet another humiliation at the hands of the Faroese. Judging by the introduction to the Guardian’s live coverage, I wasn’t the only one:

Bunch of hopeless amateurs. The last time Scotland faced these toasters in Toftir, in 2002, they were two down after 0.73645 seconds. I can’t remember what happened next, chilled blood was spilling out of my eyes. That was off the back of another dreadful draw in Toftir in 1999… I mean, it couldn’t happen three times on the spin, could it? No. No. No it couldn’t. Surely not three times on the sp… oh help me Jebus.

Faroe Islands v Scotland – live! | News | Guardian Unlimited Football

Anyway, it turns out that Scotland played a decent first half and were not punished for their inevitable second half collapse, as the Faroese were struck by comedy attacking of the highest-goal-post-ricochet-couldn’t-hit-cow’s-arse-with-banjo variety. So, the dream stays alive until early September at least, and the Faroe Isles resume their usual place in my awareness: memories of BBC longwave weather forecasts which always included cyclone-like conditions in the Faroes… or so it seemed.


2 Responses

  1. 1. Congrats

    2. That was probably the funniest match commentary I have ever read, and infinitely better then what Soccernet USED to have, even before they ‘upgraded’ to GameCast a few years back and now shower us with such amazing descriptive prose as “Arsenal: throw in, attacking” and “Thierry Henry: shot”.

    3. Damn their run in is tough: Lithuania, @France, Ukraine, @ Georgia, Italy. I’m guessing that at a minimum they will need wins over Lithuania and Georgia, and 5 points from the 3 matches against the “big 3”. That is a big ask, but I think it would put the squarely in the mix.

  2. Yeah, they’re not in by any means… apparently McLeish and Barry Ferguson have the team convinced that a win over Lithuania will keep them in contention – and since half of Lithuania seems to play for Hearts, that shouldn’t be too hard.

    Still, the got lucky on hard defending and opportunistic attacking against France, so who’s to say that they might not be able to replicate that against the Ukraine?

    Almost typed that with a straight face.

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