La Liga and Lewis Hamilton

It must have been father’s day today, as I was able to doze my way through the US Grand Prix – though I was awake for the one “racing move” that Lewis Hamilton dropped on Fernando Alonso, and the too-perfect end-of-race thanks over the radio from Hamilton to his crew.  BTW, any and all writers who have decided to start calling him the “Tiger Woods of Formula One” need to be locked into a broom closet and forced to sober up. Aside from the insulting lack of imagination – look! a young black man of mixed race who is doing well in a typically white sport! to whom shall we compare him? The only other one we can think of! – it’s a little soon yet.

As for La Liga… Sigh. I can’t begrudge Real the win because they never gave up, and Mallorca hung on much longer than expected… it was a bit like an English game for pace, but with players who actually have tactical nous, passing ability, and ball control.  The only nit I might pick is that I have seen people get red carded for the kind of retaliatory actions as undertaken by Reyes with his horrendous tackle and Salgado (I think) in responding to handbags… And if Reyes had been thrown off, which would have been completely okay in the realm of natural justice if not the (tedious) actual rules, then his fab goal would never have come to be.

As for Barca, well, better luck next year I hope. But if these rumors of a Thierry Henry – Samuel Et’o swap come to be, I wonder…


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