Thierry Henry to Barca

In a decent bit of business, Thierry Henry is off to Barca for approximately $32 million. (Doesn’t sound like much if you say it quickly.)

I’m just as unqualified as most to pass an opinion, but I think this might not be a bad deal for Arsenal, providing that they buy wisely. Henry has been a magnificent player in many ways, and yet I can’t help but think that in terms of his ability to turn a match that’s not going well, he’s no Dennis Bergkamp (who is?).

Perhaps I am being uncharitable; apparently I am in the minority apparently, in thinking that Henry’s departure could turn out to net positive. It has been suggested that his departure will be destabilizing in many ways, within the context of Wenger’s contract and the performance of others. I suppose we shall see.

It seems a little odd for Barcelona to hire another striker – as opposed to say some more defenders – especially now that the rumor mill suggests that they are not going to sell Samuel Et’o.

Arsenal Reeling as £16 million Henry Joins Barcelona – The Guardian


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